Preparing For The Next Potential Hurricane

Preparing for the next Hurricane Season:

Most people think of flashlights, water and evacuation routes when they think of Hurricane Preparedness. Businesses must also think in terms of keeping the business running offsite, what to do when the power is out, business interruption coverage, protecting equipment and employees. Our Risks Management team has prepared a FREE Hurricane Preparedness training for business owners that addresses:

– How to take your business virtual during an emergency
– How to plan for alternative supply chain
– How to hire temporary staffing
– How to access emergency government funding aid

Insurance Claims:

You are still trying to deal with the damages from Hurricane Irma and now your business is facing another Hurricane Season.

These are things to consider:

What happens if you have not yet received full settlements and completed repairs to your business property before the next hurricane hits?
How do you make sure you have adequate insurance coverage? Most business found out the hard way during Hurricane Irma that loss of power which originate off their premises is not covered.
But did you know there is insurance coverage that you can purchase extra for that, and it can be reasonable?

It is important that you keep track of the repairs and document ongoing repairs with photos and invoices. Without the right documentation, new damages can be misconstrued as old damages which may impact any future claims.

Contact our Risks Management team for a free training on how to prepare to secure your business for the next hurricane season.

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